Current Issues

Our Ongoing Campaigns

We are currently engaged in a number of projects, both national and local, aimed at improving the lives of older people.

The national issues include finance, welfare, equality, age discrimination and health and social care. Locally, a key area is the development of an Older Peoples' Strategic Partnership, which will identify the issues and aspirations of older people and develop a strategy to address them.

The priorities are to:

  • Reduce the isolation experienced by many older people.
  • Reduce the number of older people living in poverty.
  • Ensure effective social care in the home is there for all those in need.
  • Provide and improve transport.
  • Provide and improve leisure services specifically for the elderly.
  • Provide facilities that allow the elderly to continue their lifelong learning process.

RingGo Parking Campaign

We are campaigning to have parking payments solely through the RingGo app abolished as we believe that it is exclusive and discriminatory. Read more