Volunteering is a great way of building on and acquiring new skills, meeting different people and being a part of a warm, friendly team that seeks to make a positive change to people's lives.

Being an independent charity, it is our volunteers that keep our work going. Without them we would be nothing, our volunteers embody the values and ideas of the charity itself.

Volunteering enables you to give back to your community and spend your time doing something that is genuinely beneficial and worthwhile, not only for those you are helping, but also for you and the feelings that you get from the experience.

'Helping out at the Forum has really helped to increase my confidence. Everybody has been inviting and I felt a part of the team the minute that I entered the door. During my time I have been able to meet a wide range of people, all of whom have been more than happy to see a new face, engage in lively conversations and share laughs and jokes with. It's been really inspiring seeing how helpful the Forum is to its members, as well as looking at the work that Dennis, Glenise and the other trustees do to help the charity succeed. It has genuinely been remarkable.'

Lucy, a University of Nottingham Student

'I have had a fulfilling time working for the Forum. It has been interesting seeing how issues cross all demogaphics and the work the Forum does to help its members and the general population of older people within Nottinghamshire. During my time here I have learnt many skills and have felt like an important member of the team. The trustees, Officers and Members remember your name and value your input and experience you can bring to the forum. My time here has genuinly been enjoyable.'

Savannah, a University of Nottingham Student

Whatever your experience, the Forum is always eager to welcome new volunteers into the office. As long as you are enthusiastic, motivated and able to give up some of your time, we would love for you to become a part of our team. It doesn't matter how much or how little time you want to give, every little helps.

To learn more about volunteering please contact us using the information provided here.