Our Mission, Aims & objectives

Our Mission

We aim to create a mechanism that ensures that the voices of people over 50 are heard, and their needs and aspirations are acted upon.

We endeavour to confront and challenge policies that have the potential to adversely affect this group. We want to build a society for all ages, achieving this by:

The Forum's aims & objectives are:

  • To enable the voices of the older person to be heard.
  • To ensure that the statutory and voluntary organisations involve the elderly when shaping policies and services.
  • To influence and improve local services to the over 50s.
  • To give feedback to statutory organisations and other service providers about the effectiveness of existing and new services.
  • To harness the lifelong experience of older people, and allow them to share their views, raise concerns, scrutinise policies and services in areas such as:
    • Finance and Pensions
    • Health and Social Care
    • Housing
    • Crime reduction
    • Transport
    • Age discrimination
    • Accessing leisure
    • Lifelong learning