wisbech rose festival 2018

Wisbech Rose Festival



Event Description

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

7th July 2018

Again, we visit the delightful carnival in Wisbech where people love it so much, they visit year after year. All the stalls are in the yard of the beautiful St Peter and St Paul Church where the decorations are fantastic. The stalls are manned by local people and organisations where there are a great many home made bargains to be had, including wonderful plants at bargains prices, plus rose trees. This is adjacent to where the coaches are parked, so there is no need to walk very far at all, as the Methodist Church in particular provides great meals or snacks at very reasonable prices.

We are aiming for the 2pm parade but there are lots to see beforehand, including the market.

(Costs £20.00 for members)

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