david cameron rally

Nottingham and Notts Elders' Forum challenge David Cameron regarding his cabinet's treatment of the elderly

As reported in the Telegraph, members of the Nottingham and Notts Elders' Forum challenged David Cameron at Age UK's General Election rally.

Having expressed is outlines to protect pensioner benefits, the state pension and health budget, members of the Forum directly confronted the Prime Minister during a question and answer session.

In particular, Dennis Andrews, the Chairman of the Nottingham and Notts Elders' Forum, argued that the government should create a Cabinet minster of the elderly. Arguing that the elderly should be recognised in the same way that children are, he proposed that such a position would enable the government to provide adequate help and resources for the older population.

Although unwilling to create a specialised service for the elderly, Cameron was willing to admit that he were to blame for the members' dissatisfaction.

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