Ice Skating

'Elderly Encouraged To Ice Skate - For the first time ever in the UK a project aimed at getting elderly people involved in ice skating has been launched'

In 2012, Nottingham and Notts Elders' Forum embarked in a UK first which saw elderly people get involved in ice skating.

Funded by Sports England, the project enabled our elderly members to take to the ice, giving them the opportunity to try out a new activity as well as keep fit in the process.

Being a first of its kind, this project gained regional recognition as it was championed by ITV News Central.

‘I think it's a good idea, we get excluded from so many things because people think that old people are past it, forget about them’

'if you're still able, then why not? [...] it just keeps you going, doesn't it?'

'it's just another form of exercise (and a way of getting out of housework!)'

‘one tends to feel that ice skating is the sort of thing that you start from the age of five. I didn’t go on the ice until I was 60 and I have absolutely loved every second of it and I’m such an advocate of ice skating. I've never had such good legs and my bum has never been so toned up! And so as far as fitness is concerned, I think it is just the best’ – Rosemary Conley

For more information regarding the project itself, you can access the full article here.