Parking Plan Opposed

'Parking Plan Opposed - City Council plans to make people pay for parking in three Nottingham streets have been criticised by Nottingham Elders' Forum as "discriminatory"'

Following Nottingham City Council's decision to introduce RingGo parking payment systems to three streets in Nottingham, Nottingham Elders' Forum began a campaign to prevent this initiative from becoming widespread.

As such, the campaign received regional attention as it became a feature on ITV News Central. You can read the article here, or you can watch the TV coverage below.

‘The majority of older people don’t have mobile phones. I mean, some couldn’t manage without a mobile phone but the majority don’t have them. For one thing they’re too expensive and for another, a lot of them couldn’t even see them if they’d got them. This means that a lot of older people, who haven’t got these facilities, just won’t be able to park. It’s absolutely ridiculous.’ - Glenise Martin, Secretary of the Nottingham and Notts Elders' Forum

'I think it is disgusting, particularly in a city that is supposed to be age friendly. Many older people don't have cards as they are worried about getting into debt. So what are they meant to do? They are only bringing it in three streets at first, but I'm sure they will eventually roll it out even further.' - Glenise Martin, Secretary of the Nottingham and Notts Elders' Forum

The plans to introduce RingGo parking areas throughout the county means that payment via cash is no longer permissible. Instead of paying via meter, those wishing to park in the specified areas would instead need to create a RingGo account via the app and pay using their debit or credit card. For more information regarding the campaign, you can look at our latest updates here.